LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Consumers can now control their homes from their smart phones as a result of a new service from AT&T.

With the touch of his i-Pad, Frank Medley can turn on his Christmas tree lights no matter where he is.

"I can control my Christmas lights, monitor my house with my cameras, I can make sure my house is the right temperature at all times," said homeowner Frank Medley.

Medley is one of AT&T's first Louisville residents to be a customer of the company's Digital Life home security and automation service.

"We have a lot of customers who are very busy on-the-go people," said Hank Mangeot, a representative of AT&T. "They want to know their home is okay. They want to be able to check that wherever they are"

The service allows consumers to remotely monitor and control a range of items in their homes with just a tablet, smart phone or PC.

"...ranging from your burglar alarm protection for your home, to energy control...monitor and adjust your thermostat remotely from any tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world," Mangeot said.

Since people rely on their mobile devices more than ever, the service offers an easy and convenient way to secure their homes.

"I'm forgetful and I leave my door unlocked when I leave the house," Medley said. "I'll be at work and I just touch a button on my phone and make sure my house is locked, and I have a dog at home that I monitor with a camera in the kitchen."

Since only 1 percent of U.S. households have an automated security system, AT&T believes there is plenty of room for growth in the marketplace as people want to protect their homes.

"The first thing is the peace of mind of home security, making sure your house is taken care of no matter where you are," Mangeot said.

AT&T rolled out the service in Louisville in late October. It's now in more than 50 markets throughout the country.

Customers of AT&T's Digital Life can choose from two base plans.

Simple Security is the basic home security package or Smart Security which includes enhanced security features and the option to add home automation.

Simple Security includes 24/7 home monitoring, 24 hour battery backup, a wireless keypad, key chain remote, recessed sensors and an indoor siren for $29.99 a month plus $149.99 for equipment.

Smart Security includes the benefits of Simple Security plus a choice of three of the following features, motion sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, glass break sensor, smoke sensor, or takeover kit. Smart Security begins at $39.99 a month plus $249.99 for equipment.

Customers who select Smart Security can add automation packages.
You can find details of that at www.att.com/digitallife.

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