FLOYD COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Southern Indiana residents went before Floyd County officials Tuesday night to be heard.

"We do not want apartments in this community. Period," said William Prifogle.

Several Floyds Knobs residents are against a zoning change for land near Highlander Point on Old Vincennes Road.

A company called The Thieneman Group wants the zoning to change from commercial to multi-family to build 152 apartments on about 20 acres.

"It's going to change the character of the area if we start putting apartments in there. The character of the area is homes, farms, rural community," said Prifogle.

"I'm totally against it," added David Keller.

At the meeting, citizens gathered to sign a petition against the idea.

They say it will increase traffic and bring down their property values.

"The enjoyment of being in a rural area would fade away," said Keller.

"We're going to keep handing out the flyers. We are going to pursue this probably to no avail. I hope I'm wrong. Make me wrong. Help us keep this community the way we love it," Prifogle told Floyd County officials.

"We're not opposed to growth but we want it to be done in a sensible manner," George Mouser told WDRB.

Another concern among residents is the time it's taking for elected officials to vote on the issue.

Residents say the item keeps getting taken off the agenda and they're worried it's going to get passed when no one is paying attention.

"Just put it off one excuse or another until the crowd gives up and says it doesn't do any good. They stay home and then they pass it the way they wanted it in the first place," said Mouser.

No one was available at The Thieneman Group when a WDRB reporter stopped by and called.

The next meeting is January 22nd.

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