LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A spokesperson for Jefferson County Public Schools told WDRB News that Seneca High School was on heightened alert Wednesday morning after rumors that a potential altercation might take place at or near the school today.

According to Ben Jackey, JCPS spokesman, the school received reports that a neighborhood squabble could result in an altercation between students, so the decision was made to raise the threat level at the school to "Security Level 3."

Security Level 3 means that student traffic in the hallways is minimized, and the potential problem students -- who have been identified -- would be monitored throughout the day, according to Jackey. The school is not on lockdown.

Jackey would not elaborate on the nature of the squabble, but said that school officials had spoken with the families of those believed to be involved, and they don't expect any problems.

Jackey also said that students at the school were searched and no weapons were found.

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