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POV | Don't "Scrooge" Up Your Own Christmas (11/19/13)

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I was speaking to Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad recently, and he told me some surprising facts I'd like to share with you to help keep your holiday season happy and Grinch-free.

First, did you know that in over 60% of thefts from cars -- things like presents -- the cars are unlocked?

It's true.  And in most cases, the valuables that are taken are left in plain sight.

Thieves are unlikely to waste their time on cars that are locked or don't look like they contain anything worth stealing. So just taking a few seconds to put your valuables in the trunk and lock your doors will likely keep you from being a victim.

Also, while you may have heard that fatal collisions are down this year statewide, they've actually increased here in Louisville.  And one of the main contributors is distracted driving.  Things like texting and talking on cell phones can be just as deadly as drinking and driving.  And if that's not dangerous enough, get this – in about 70% of local traffic fatalities, the victims weren't wearing seat belts!

The police are here to protect us.  But we can make their job a lot easier just by showing a little common sense.

Christmas is a time to celebrate our blessings – not to mourn our losses. Let's make sure we're not our own worst enemies this year.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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