LOUISVILLE, KY (WDRB) -- A man jumps from the second story of a split-level home to save himself from an early morning house fire. Fire investigators are still looking into whether lightning may have caused the blaze at a home in Fern Creek. 

"It sounded like a mortar went off inside the house, you know what I mean. Yeah it was loud," said T.J. Moore, who hurt his hand leaping from the second story window in only his boxer shorts."

Neighbors suspect lightning struck this home in Fern Creek after 7 a.m. Saturday morning. The Fern Creek Fire Department did not confirm that, but neighbors reported seeing a flash before the house went up.

"I heard an explosion this morning and I didn't think nothing of it," Moore said. "I started smelling smoke and I started to open up the door -- I got so engulfed by the flames that my first instinct was to punch out the window (and get out)."

T.J. Moore says he was asleep and his father had already left for the day when T.J. says smoke and fire filled the house.  

Scraped up but alive, Moore escaped by covering his mouth, but the heavy black smoke proved to be too much for the family pet, Snoop.

"Yeah I had him for 12 years man... oh yeah it was terrible I'm still in shock over it," Moore said.

Moore's family claims they'll rebuild -- but just days out from Christmas, they'll have to rely on friends or relatives to get by. Fern Creek fire investigators are still looking into a cause.