LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Christmas Day at Baxter Avenue Theater was busy from open until close.

"Christmas Day for us is like black Friday for most other businesses," said manager Beau Kaelin, "It's the day we get slammed the hardest. It's pretty much packed from beginning to end."

He's been in the movie business for 15 years and says it hasn't always been this way.

"I'm not sure how it got started. I've tried to figure it out before but I've never been able to," he told WDRB.

So why do people go to the movies on Christmas? The reasons vary.

"The reason I come to the movies is because nothing else is open," Rick Morehead told WDRB.

"Well as I got older, it's become a thing to do. After a big dinner and present, you go to the movie," said moviegoer Bill Howard.

"I think it brings me back to when I was a kid and going to the movies with my mom and dad," moviegoer Kim Sipes told WDRB.

"Sometimes before we'd do this, we'd sit at home and watch television, not do much, maybe snack too much and it got so that we just enjoy getting out," said Kim's mom Pat Sipes.

And everyone seems to have the same idea. The theater was packed on Wednesday.

"I was amazed. I was very surprised because we got here late and had to go down and sit in the front rows," said Morehead.

Bill Howard said he's been seeing movies at Baxter for 20 years and has never seen it so busy.

"Both Thanksgiving and Christmas have become the big movie days and it might be just due to the fact that 99% of other businesses are closed," said Kaelin.

For many, it's a new tradition.

"We have families coming in too that are bringing in 9 or 10 people at once to come see a film," he continued.

The other big question is what are people going to see?

"We try to see the best movies that are showing at this time," said Frank Sipes.

"We saw Saving Mr. Banks," added Kim Sipes.

"The big one today and for the past week has been American Hustle just because it has Jennifer in it and she's Louisville's sweetheart," said Kaelin.

Some movies were released on the big screen on Christmas Day. For a list, visit Baxter online here.

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