LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After the whirlwind that was the holiday season, you're likely ready to kick back, relax and enjoy the gifts you received for Christmas. However, that gift card you got from Aunt Marge really missed the mark. She means well but a gift card to the chain steakhouse down the street isn't appealing since you went vegetarian three years ago.

What to do?

Enter Gift Card Exchange Day, the annual event organized to help unsatisfied gift card recipients sell their cards for cash. Managed by the team behind GiftCardGranny.com, Gift Card Exchange Day provides bids for unwanted gift cards so users can turn their unwanted gift into cash or, in some cases, an Amazon gift card.

"It's important for people to know this service is available," says Luke Knowles, CEO of Gift Card Granny. "People tend to feel helpless when they receive a gift card they don't want, and the card ends up in a drawer somewhere collecting dust."

Indeed, over $1.7 billion in gift cards went unused in 2012, according to CEB TowerGroup. This level of "spillage" demonstrates a need for consumers to learn how they can exchange unwanted cards for cash.

Gift Card Exchange Day makes it easy for consumers to do just that. Simply head to GiftCardExchangeDay.com and enter your gift card amount and brand.

A pop-up window will display bids from several resellers where you can instantly identify the best offer. From there, complete the process on the reseller's website and get a check in the mail, a deposit to your PayPal account, or an Amazon e-gift card.

Aunt Marge never has to know.