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Homicide rate down; Gunshot victims up in 2013

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- LMPD reports there have been 48 homicides so far this year and most of them stem from gun shots.

That number is down 21 from last year, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. LMPD tells us 194 shoots have been reported so far this year. But sometimes we forget there's a face and a family behind those numbers.

"They diagnosed me to be paralyzed from the neck down," said Sheronda Morris, a gunshot victim.

Morris is not just part of the statistic she's a survivor. The 40-year old was shot at a nightclub in January.

"For everyone you see as a murder, there are two more people that are shot that survive. For everyone we treat there are probably two more that are shot and didn't require operation or what have you to treat their injuries," said Dr. Jason Smith, a trauma surgeon at U of L. 

Smith has seen the devastation of gun violence first hand, saving countless lives along the way.

He says, "I think when you put yourselves in those shoes people need to realize there is a finality to this that don't actually appreciate when they're in the moment."

There are no definite answers to the questions that plague this community. The senseless violence runs deep, it lingers and helps feed the fear of certain neighborhoods.

Community activist, Christopher 2x, says, "Sometimes depression can be an issue especially in low income neighborhoods where people are poverty stricken, you have those emotions that just engulf themselves in a certain level at a certain situation into a real anger and rage."

The number of homicides is down, but it's difficult to tell if that's the direction we're going. People are hopeful the community is starting to have an impact on gun violence.

"One year can be just strange numbers but if you can show me two years that we've had a decrease I'll think that we've done something useful," said Dr. Smith.

"I've seen gradual change in the sense that some people are getting tired, some of the young people are getting tired and that's a great sign," said Christopher 2x.

The community advocates against these violent acts, and as survivors come together their message gets stronger.

"I keep pushing and keep standing up and using my voice and let everybody know that there are better ways to settle arguments than use guns," said Morris.

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