LOUISVILLE, Ky- (WDRB) A simple bar attached to a wall could provide the perfect workout in 2014.

WDRB's Sterling Riggs tried Pure Barre in a quest discover a different exercise routine for men.

It's 2014 and a chance to find a new you for the New Year. With that, I made a trip to Pure Barre in Louisville's Wesport Village.

It's a routine that claims to lift your seat, tone your abs and thighs, burn fat and tone your entire body in record time.

Generally known as a place for women, co-owner Karen Handel says it uses a combination of ballet movements, yoga and light weights. The goal is to get a long and lean look.

I discovered in short order that this was no cake walk. After about 10 minutes, my legs were shaking uncontrollably.

"When you shake, that's when you know you are working on a muscle and are holding it in the muscle, " said Handel.

I'm glad I was not the only guy in the room.

I spotted former Louisville quarterback Will Stein across the room. It was also his first class. More on Stein in a minute.

For the most part, I thought I was doing a pretty good job until the instructor stopped by to offer some guidance. She told me that if I locked my leg, I would eventually pass out.

After a full 55 minutes of fun, I was shaking, sweating and ready for it to be over. I have a new found respect for women who do Pure Barr.

I'm pretty sure Will Stein does as well.

"We've got some strong women in here that can really hold some poses unlike me. Maybe I'll comeback and try it again" said Stein.

Handel says it's a workout for anyone 18-years old and older. She even has a client in her 60's.

"In about a year, she went from a size 14 to a size 8. In the second year, she's now a size 6," said Handel.

As for me, well I need a few days to recover before I give it another shot.

CLICK HERE for more information about Pure Barre Louisville.

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