LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Whether they're saving lives, or delivering mail, lots of people still had to work Monday despite the brutal cold.

Frigid temperatures blanketed the Ohio River Valley Monday, causing most schools and many businesses to close their doors. But for those who have to work rain or shine, awareness--and perspective--was key.

"People say you get used to it, but you don't," said USPS postal carrier Antonio Evans.

The postal service says local management makes the decision to curtail mail delivery due to inclement weather. On days like Monday when management decides to continue service, they stress the importance of dressing warm and staying safe. But for Evans, its more about the mental state than the clothing.

"I mentally take myself somewhere else," said Evans. "Right now, I'm in the Bahamas."

Just as the single digits couldn't stop mail delivery in Jefferson County, frigid wind chill that dipped well below zero couldn't stop hunger.

"Somebody's got to do it," said Brandon Robinson. Robinson delivers sandwiches in downtown Louisville. His mode of transportation is a bike. 

"Sometimes I just close my eyes and peddle," said Robinson. "That's how I make it through the day really."

And making it through the day is all outdoor workers are trying to do.

"This is dangerous weather to be working in," said Jeffersontown Fire Chief Sean Dreisbach.

According to Dreisbach, it's not just the cold that threatens the health of his fire fighters, but the water they're spraying.

"When the firefighters come out and they're wet, they are going to freeze up," said Dreisbach. "So we have to make sure those fire fighters stay dry."

Dreisbach makes sure all the trucks are warm and that everyone on his team gets frequent breaks.

Louisville Metro Safe also suggests wearing lots of loose layers.

"Not just one great big layer of clothing, but several different layers and make them loose fitting so you can move around," said Jody Duncan of Louisville Metro Safe.

Duncan also says familiarize yourself with the symptoms of frost bite-- tingly or numb skin, discolored skin, slurred speech and confusion.

While veterans of working in the cold have their own tricks.

"I don't eat lunch in a nice warm restaurant and warm up, because then when I come back outside I'm even colder," said Evans.

Others are learning the hard way.

"Tomorrow, I'll have thermal everything," said Robinson.

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