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POV | Statewide Smoking Ban: The Time Is Now (1/7/14)

In 2006, when Louisville's Metro Council passed the city's first ban on smoking in public places, remember all the warnings about what would happen if we took such a drastic step?

Restaurants and bars would all have to close up shop because of the huge number of people who wouldn't patronize them anymore if they couldn't light up over a drink or after a meal.  Tourists and conventions would bypass Louisville. The economic impact would be disastrous. 

Except…none of that ever happened.

Louisville's restaurant and bar scene is thriving today as never before. Turned out, people loved getting to enjoy their meals and drinks without having to breathe secondhand smoke.  And for the most part, those who still must smoke have realized that simply going outside to do so isn't such an ordeal.

What was once controversial is now the status quo.

Now, public polling shows that almost two-thirds of Kentucky adults support a statewide smoking ban. And the issue is likely to be addressed in this year's General Assembly.

I'm sure the naysayers will once again be out in force to oppose such a move. But this time, recent experience should expose their tired old arguments as baseless, and I hope all our legislators will give the idea the consideration it deserves.

Since this is bound to be a controversial opinion, call and tell us what you think.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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