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A new approach to sticking to your resolutions with hypnotism

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- 2014 is here and people are desperate to stick to their New Year's resolutions. Whether the goal is to lose weight, quit smoking or try something new, everyone is looking for new ways to achieve their goal.

Certified clinical hypnotherapist, Colin Christopher, has had many successes in helping people achieve goals such as these through hypnotherapy.

When most people think of being hypnotized, they think of people quacking like ducks or talking gibberish and not being in control of their body.

With Colin's technique, that is simply not the case.

Colin says there are three different levels of hypnosis. He says that most people, especially those in the media or high stress jobs, are in the group of 15% where it takes a longer time to reach a deep state hypnosis.

Colin took one of our news producers, Gabby Harvey, who volunteered and was open to the idea of hypnosis.

Colin spent about 15 minutes with Gabby before hand, since she had never done hypnosis before, to test her limits and hypnotize her before the show.

When going through the steps of hypnosis, Colin begins by instructing the person on taking deep breaths to reach a state of relaxation.

After that is achieved, he begins other suggestions to keep you relaxed and help you invision places, such as a warm beach or standing at the top of a flight of stairs.

Colin performs the hypnosis in about 10 minutes and snap! You are fully awake and functioning, but still under his hypnosis.

While under the state of hypnosis, Colin can signal it by saying words such as "sleep" or by clicking his tongue or snapping his fingers.

Then, snap! Back to being fully relaxed and invisioning yourself back on a sunny beach in the Caribbean.

Colin also has to use a technique to get you out of the state of hypnosis.

After the show he spent about two minutes with Gabby to relax her and bring her back to be fully functional and rid her of any of his suggestions.

"It felt like my head weighed about 100 pounds. I just felt fully relaxed and calm," says Gabby of her state of hypnosis.

The same technique has been used successfully on celebrities like Princess Kate Middleton, Tiger Woods and David Beckham.

Even more intriguingly, everyday people can safely use some elements of hypnosis on themselves to lose weight, quit smoking, make more money, reduce stress, perform better in the bedroom, improve self-confidence and achieve world-class success in their careers.

About Colin Christopher

Colin Christopher, a certified clinical hypnotherapist and author of the new book Success Through Manipulation: Subconscious Reactions that Will Make or Break You, is willing to share some of his secrets with your viewers.
He's one of the best known stage hypnotists in North America, having performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people. But he says the truth is that although yes, hypnotists are highly trained in what they do-and yes, it can make for great entertainment on stage-on the other hand anyone can use some of the same mind-over-matter techniques to achieve all kinds of personal goals.

Colin helped one man lose 100 pounds, one lady kick her smoking habit after 25 years and one sports team overcome a big losing streak. He's helped people overcome severe fears and phobias, non-medical sexual dysfunction and recover from trauma. He's not a miracle worker, but he would be happy to help your viewers overcome some of their own challenges in a fun and useful way.

To learn more about Colin, his new book, "Success Through Manipulation" and hypnosis click here.

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