BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) - The Bullitt County Sheriff's Office is seeking information on a missing teen. Authorities say Lane Hall has been missing since November 13, 2013 and now has a pickup order against him.

"He doesn't like to be told what to do," Lane's uncle David Hall told WDRB on Friday.

Hall is Lane's legal guardian.

"I'm terrified. Yesterday was his birthday. (He) missed Thanksgiving, missed Christmas. Don't know what the hell to do or what the hell to say," said Hall.

Hall says he hasn't seen his nephew since November 13th.

"He wasn't grounded. We weren't arguing. Called him at 4:45, told him to be home at 5:45. He said okay Uncle Dave, be home at 5:45, love you, see you then. Last time I saw or heard from him."

Hall said he's even taken matters into his own hands by going out looking for him.

"Missing posters I've put all over town and driven all I could drove. I've done every damn thing I can do except for going knocking door to door," he said.

Lieutenant Mike Murdoch with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office told WDRB they don't believe Lane is in danger.

"We've had constant contact with friends who know where he's at," said Murdoch.

They think friends are helping him hide somewhere in Bullitt County but each time they go looking for him, Murdoch says they've been one step behind.

Lane claims to police he had reason to run away.

"It's more than a normal missing persons case. There's some issues going on at home," said Murdoch.

But Lane's Uncle David says that isn't the case.

"He knows I love him. I feed him well, make him take his vitamins, make him brush his teeth. I don't ask him to do anything I wouldn't do myself," said Hall.

David thinks Lane could be acting out for other reasons.

"Dad got out of prison, promised he'd call but once he got out of prison, nothing. That's a smack/spit in the face for him. You can only take so much. This may be one of the reasons why he did what he did," he told WDRB.

As for the criminal complaint against the teen, because he's a juvenile, under Kentucky law, authorities can't say much.

"I don't think there's an issue of public safety, no, but he does have a criminal complaint against him that does require him to go in front of a judge," said Murdoch.

"Just come home. Please. I'll take care of ya," pleaded Hall.

Authorities say anyone with information about his whereabouts should contact their local police immediately. They say anyone who may be helping him could be charged as the teen is now wanted.

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