LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It makes children's dreams come true, but The Dream Factory needs your help to do it.

The Dream Factory of Louisville grants dreams to critically and chronically ill kids. 

"It was my dream vacation I've never been to Disney and all my friends were like oh you should go to Disney some time its so much fun but I never got to, we never had the money to do it," said McKayla Ihrcke.

In October, McKayla's dream came true. She went to Disneyworld to meet the princesses and swim with dolphins.

"It just makes me feel like a kid I never got that much of a childhood, I pretty much had to grow up before my time, so to be able to have that dream of pretty much being a kid it was just the best thing in the world," said McKayla.

Jeff Peak, President of the Dream Factory, said, "It's wonderful to see their faces light up because they normally they're down because they of their illness or something like that."

Mckayla suffers from a hidden illness. You would never know how fragile she is, by looking at her. 

"It's called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome there's six types and I have the vascular type it is one of the worst types to have, just an easy punch in the stomach could end it all, its really deadly," said McKayla.

Donors and volunteers make dreams like McKayla's happen. The Cabo Wabo party is the biggest event of the year raising more than $40,000 dollars for The Dream Factory.

"Each dream is about $5,000 so I mean we're talking about 8 dreams then," said Peak.

The Dream Factory grants about 20 dreams a year.

"Throughout all this I've actually learned that it really does take one person to make a difference whether its one person or the entire world," said McKayla.

The party is at the Mellwood Arts Center at 8pm Saturday. Admission is $15, all the proceeds go to The Dream Factory.

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