LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - The Louisville Zoo threw a party Saturday for their youngest Polar Bear.

Guests sang happy birthday to three-year-old Qannik before she devoured her peanut butter birthday cake.

Her exact birth date is unknown, but her birthday has been estimated at January 10. Zoo officials are thrilled to host the rescued animal who came to the Zoo almost three years ago.

"She's an amazing little bear with an amaizng story," Louisville Zoo director John Walczak said. "This is one of those days which is the essence of the zoo. It's about celebration, it's about memories, it's about making the planet a healthier place." 

Qannik was found on an oil field on Alaska's North Slope and rescued by the US Fish and Wildlife Services. She was delivered to the Louisville Zoo by UPS in June 2011. 

She is still owned by the Fish and Wildlife Services, but they decided the Louisville Zoo would be the best home for her. 

In June 2011, the Coca-Cola and UPS teamed up for "Operation Snowflake" to deliver Qannik to the zoo. She has been living at the Louisville Zoo since 2011 alongside Siku and Arki, although Arki passed away last year at 28-years-old.

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