LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Another week, another trip to the shredder with my ballot from the previous week in the Associated Press college basketball top 25 poll (which I did not offer to Deadspin).

Here is evidence of the turmoil created in the past seven days.

Top 10 teams to lose: Ohio State (twice), Baylor and Iowa State.

Top 10 teams to win in overtime: Michigan State, Wichita State, Florida.

Other top 25 teams to lose: Louisville, Colorado, Duke, Oregon (twice), Missouri, Gonzaga, Illinois (twice) and Kansas State.

My ballot:

1. Syracuse.

2. Arizona.

3. Wisconsin.

4. Michigan State.

5. Florida.

6. Wichita State.

7. Villanova.

8. Baylor.

9. Kentucky.

10. San Diego State.

11. Oklahoma State.

12. Kansas.

13. Iowa.

14. Ohio State.

15. Cincinnati.

16. Creighton.

17. Memphis.

18. Louisville.

19. Iowa State.

20. Pittsburgh.

21. UMass.

22. Oklahoma.

23. Virginia.

24. California.

25. Saint Louis.

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