LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Shortly before 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, a court made a crucial decision on alcohol sales in Kentucky.

A federal appeals court reinstated a ban on grocery stores, gas stations and other retailers selling wine and liquor.

That reverses a 2012 decision by a lower court that lifted the restriction.

In today's decision, the judge ruled that Kentucky, "indisputably maintains a legitimate interest" in reducing access to high-alcohol content products.

The ban does not impact beer sales.

At Paradise Wine and Spirits in Shelbyville, the reinstatement of the ban brings a sigh of relief.

"With large stores able to sell...it squeezes small businesses and makes it much more difficult for us to stay in business," said owner James White.

Shoppers in Shively don't see a problem with combining their errands.

"I like doing my grocery shopping and buying liquor at the same time," said Tony, a shopper. "It saves me gas and time."

"I don't like going in liquor stores, it kind of embarrasses me," said Kate, another shopper. "So I'd rather be able to buy my wine in a grocery store or a winery."

James White supports the judge's decision -- not only for the health of his own small business, but for the economic health of his community.

"Most your money that's spent with small businesses stays in the community, versus large stores, corporations," White said, adding that with the large stores, "some of the money stays, but not as much."

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