NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Police say 42-year-old John Brock got caught pretending to be an officer when he tried to pull over an officer but Brock told WDRB that's not what happened.

WDRB went to John Brock's house in Borden, Indiana Wednesday to get his side of the story and found out it's very different from that of authorities.

He refused an on camera interview but told WDRB's Emily Mieure off camera that he never pretended to be a police officer.

But Indiana State Police say around noon Saturday on a busy road in New Albany, Brock tried to pull over an off duty sergeant.

"He noticed in his rear view mirror that a gold colored Crown Victoria was attempting to make a traffic stop, or what he thought, on him," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin with the Indiana State Police.

Goodin said the off duty detective didn't recognize the car.

It didn't have any flashing lights but he said Brock was motioning for the detective to pull over.

"When they came to a stop light, the Crown Victoria pulled up beside the detective, rolled his window down, flashed a gold colored badge at him, said he was a police officer, said a few choice curse words at him and said he needed to follow him and that back up was on its way," Goodin told WDRB.

They say Brock then pulled into a parking lot on Charlestown Road and went inside a store.

When he came out, Goodin says they arrested the 42-year-old for Operating a vehicle While Intoxicated, driving on a suspended license, and impersonating a police officer.

"What are the odds of this guy pulling over a police officer in the middle of the day on a Saturday on a very, very busy roadway here in southern Indiana? This would be quite comical if it wasn't such a serious offense," added Goodin.

While speaking with WDRB, Brock maintained his innocence, saying he's a single father of two and works a steady job.

He admitted to making some bad decisions on Saturday but that the whole thing is a misunderstanding.

Either way, police say you should never pull over for anyone in an unmarked car wearing plain clothes.

"We've had numerous occasions where people who are stopped, they're robbed, they're physically injured," said Goodin.

Brock's attorney refused to comment.

Brock's court date is set for March 4th in the Floyd County Circuit Court.

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