LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man who pleaded guilty to shooting and killing a UK football player -- and served his time for that murder -- was back in court again today.

Hit with a metal rod and punched in the face. Those are some of the allegations against admitted killer Shane Ragland in an alleged domestic violence case.

The alleged victim says, "I miss Shane. We have a special relationship."

On his motorized wheelchair, Ragland was back in court.  His girlfriend who is a mother of four says she she took care of him after a February car crash put him in a wheelchair.

Family Court Judge Joan Byer read the woman's statement full of allegations. She says, "He then tried to hit me with a metal rod from the shelf. He got me into a headlock and head butted me in the head... He is constantly trying to run me over with a 3000 pound electric wheelchair. He threatens to kill me and says he will eventually kill me."

But in court, the woman is now saying she wants the judge to drop the Emergency Protective Order she took out against Ragland in December, saying he wouldn't fight with her in front of the children and that stress led to their fights.

The alleged victim says, "I know exactly what domestic violence is because I witnessed it in my other relationship with my ex-husband. I of course know my kids are safe, but I understand you don't know that because you don't know all the circumstances around the children and how they feel about Shane."

Ragland was convicted of the 1994 murder of UK Football player Trent DiGiuro and sentenced to 30 years in prison. In 2002, his conviction was overturned. Later, Ragland pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to the time he served, plus three days.

In court, the woman makes excuses for why they would get into fights saying they were both tired.

She says, "It was difficult to understand what it meant to be caretaking at the same time and being a girlfriend." Judge Byer then says, "And a victim of domestic violence."

The judge says she wants the woman to get help from the Center for Women and Families and Child Protective Services will need to conduct a investigation and speak to the children.

Ragland and the woman say they're in counseling.

The woman says, "I also love Shane. it's been a very difficult transition for Shane to be in a wheelchair."

The case is expected back in court in six weeks.

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