LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say they've arrested at least three suspects -- and charged one of them with attempted murder -- after a robbery resulted in one man being shot in the chest.

Metro Police say Christopher Cox was the ruthless ringleader and mastermind behind the violent home invasion.

"I think that the individual had no value of life when he went into that building," said LMPD Det. Aaron Tinelli.

It happened Wednesday, Jan. 8, at a home on South 3rd Street in Louisville.

"She was actually the person that set up the victim," said Tinelli.

Det. Tinelli says he believes Shandy Embry knew the victim and helped get Cox and Matthew Nevitt in the front door. 

"Once the female was inside the home the other two males rushed in and began beating the victim about the head with a pistol."

Det. Tinelli says there was also a second man in the home who hid upstairs during the home invasion. 

"The situation escalated and two rounds were fired, one striking the victim in the chest."

Police say the homeowner was cooperating with the suspects, but believe Cox wanted him dead. 

"I think that he had no regret and no issue with killing that individual," Tinelli said. "The individual that was actually the shooter in this case was actually part of a white supremacy group."

Tinelli says the victim is a black male, but does not believe this was a hate crime. 

"The reason for the invasion was for money and drugs."

And police say the case is not closed just yet. 

"We have still one outstanding subject that we hope to find today."

Police also say the suspects took a men's watch, Xanax pills and $40 from the home.

The three suspects then fled the home in a vehicle driven by Nevitt, according to police.

Nevitt and Embry were arrested on Wednesday afternoon near the intersection of St. Andrews Church Rd. and Palatka Rd., according to arrest reports.

Police say Cox was arrested just after midnight on Thursday during a drug bust on Grafton Hall Rd., near the intersection of Valley Station Rd.

Police say the suspects have done this before and ask anyone with information to call the anonymous police tipline at (502) 574-LMPD.

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