LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Before she walks down the aisle, a Louisville woman has walked down to the courthouse to sue a local bridal shop.

Kristy Witak is suing Bridal Warehouse, one of the most well-known bridal stores in the region. She claims the store is guilty of fraud.

In the lawsuit, filed in Jefferson Circuit Court on Wednesday, Witak says she special ordered a new wedding dress from Bridal Warehouse.

But, she claims, when her future mother-in-law picked up the dress in November, she knew the dress was neither special nor new.

"And instead was provided by Bridal Warehouse a dress that was off of one of the other store location's storeroom floors," said Ben Carter, Witak's attorney.

Carter says Witak's future mother-in-law is a former Bridal Warehouse employee and knew right away that the dress had been used.

"It was obvious to her, having worked in the store, that this was not a dress from the manufacturer. It didn't have all the hallmarks of a new dress. In fact, it had all the hallmarks of a dress that had been tried on by dozens of other women," said Carter.

The suit claims the store refused to exchange the dress for the one Witak ordered.

Witak is accusing Bridal Warehouse of fraud, violations of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act and breach of contract.

Carter believes there may be thousands of women with similar stories --  paying a premium price for a custom dress, and receiving a used one instead.

That's why he has filed the suit as a class action.

"We've talked to two former employees of Bridal Warehouse at this point. And both of them say that this was a widespread practice in all of the locations, and that a substantial percentage of the special-ordered dresses were in fact substituted for dresses from other store rooms," Carter said.

Carter says Kristy Witak will be married in June, and she'll have no choice but to wear the dress she received from Bridal Warehouse.

"It's like getting married in a bowling shoe instead of having a special dress for that special day," he said.

Bridal Warehouse is based in Elizabethtown.

"The facts alleged in the case are just not true," the company's attorney, Doug Barr of Lexington, told WDRB.

He said Bridal Warehouse will vigorously defend itself in court.

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