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Students carry bags of trash for a week

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Seeing someone carrying a bunch of stuff on a college campus is the norm, so you'd have to look closely to notice U of L Sophomore, Laura Patterson. She's actually carrying around a bunch of junk, and, she's not alone. There are others walking around with wrappers, plastic containers, and other stuff they'd usually just toss in the trash. It's a part of "Carry Your Trash" week, a challenge from a group called Our Earth Now.

"I think it's important to be aware of what you have and where it's going," Patterson explained.

Staying in that spirit, every member of the group is in the middle of keeping every bit of trash they've accumulated. It started last Sunday and will end this Sunday. There are no exceptions. Walking campus, reading in the library, everything in between, it's all fair game.

"I'm also going to a formal dance, so I'm going to be in a nice dress and have a date, and have my bag of trash," Patterson said.

Aside from the embarrassment, this is teaching students something they already knew some about.

"I think they've been making small steps, and this has pushed them to make even more steps," group leader, Tim Darst explained.

A lesson he and the students alike hope others will learn too.

"Just think before you buy things, eat things, and use things. Just think about the next 7 generations," high school student, Aidan Grant said.

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