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Tips for an injury-free golf season

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Golfers are counting down the days until spring with the Louisville Golf Expo in town.

We have some tips on how you can get ready for an injury-free golf season.

A proper golf swing is a beautiful thing, but unfortunately not many people have perfected their form. If you've found yourself hacking away at the ball, you have probably experienced some pain.

"Every golfer goes out there and we play and there's something we feel whether its an elbow or a knee or a back that limits us," said Brian Beaky, manager of the Louisville Golf Expo

Spine Surgeon, Charles Crawford, said, "Most of the problems people experience tend to be in the lower lumbar spine especially in golf, there are neck issues as well up in the cervical spine right below the head."

Golf is a low-impact sport, but that doesn't mean it's low risk. A golf swing is a very dynamic movement.

"There's a lot of twisting involved a lot of twerk on the spine, all the muscles and bones and ligaments and discs have to work together and any one of those things could be injured during your swing," said Crawford.

Jeff Stephenson, a sports health physician, said, "It's more related to how often you're golfing, cause almost 80% of injuries we see are from overuse."

The average golfer plays about 30 to 40 round a year. Sports health physicians say a healthy amount of golf consists of two to three rounds a week. But before you hit the links, there are a few things to keep in mind:

"Maintaining a healthy body weight I really believe that helps, having good core muscle strength, so strong abdominal muscles and back muscles that protect your spine, staying flexible," said Crawford.

Manufactures are showing off brand new products at the golf expo this weekend. But it's not the great driver that will perfect your swing.

"The most important piece of equipment that you have is your own body," said Beaky.

The Norton Healthcare physicians will be at the golf expo this weekend to give you a free consultation. The expo runs from 10am until 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $11. 

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