MILLTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Firefighter say they believe a landmark restaurant in southern Indiana will have to be torn down after a weekend fire.

The blaze started around 5:30 Sunday morning, Jan. 19, at the Blue River Cafe.

The cold weather caused problems for firefighters, as the water started freezing on nearby roads and sidewalks. Salt trucks were called in to keep the roads safe for firefighters.

The restaurant was damaged in another fire in 2010 and had to be rebuilt.

"It's very sad," said Michael Caffrey, assistant fire chief at the Milltown Fire Department. "A lot of us like to come here and listen to music, eat and have a good time. And now we've had tragedy strike in the community with this fire again."

Firefighters say 75 percent of the building was damaged. No one was hurt.

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