LOUISVILLE, Ky.  (WDRB)-- A woman is shot to death in the middle of a Metro Police homicide investigation. The case got national attention, but after nearly two years, the victim's family has another concern.

Makeba Lee's family wants this case to move forward sooner, rather than later. They say the longer it takes for the case the go to trial, the longer they'll have to wait for justice.

"You can go to Youtube and Google 'Makeba Lee' or 'May 17th' and it goes to everybody sitting around and then you see or hear all this 'pop, pop, pop, pop,'" said Ed White, Lee's grandfather. 

White is talking about a day that has become infamous in Louisville's history. 

"You see police running, you see everybody else running."

It is a day with special meaning and sadness for his family. "That's my granddaughter losing her life."

Lee was shot and killed during a Metro Police homicide investigation in May 2012.

"I've got my mother in-law, I have my daughter, I have my grandson and my great-grandson whose life is still in limbo," White said.

That's because the suspect, Cheetara Goldsmith, still hasn't gone to trial. 

"She has had several of those events. And either somebody don't show up or something happens and then they lay it over until another day."

But White says he's tired of waiting for justice to be served: "[Goldsmith] walks up on her, shoots her 14 times and she ain't had a trial. What's there to prove?"

And White says he is not just talking; in fact, he plans to protest outside the Judicial Center until the case goes to trial.

"Monday through Friday, until this girl gets a trial, I am going to be out in front of the courthouse," said White.

White is known throughout the city for his work with young people and the River City Drum Corp; however, he is not worried about the protest hurting his image.

"This is personal, all the other stuff is just do as my purpose, but see, this is personal," explained White.

Goldsmith is scheduled to be back in court, March 4, for a pre-trial hearing. Her trial is  scheduled to start later that month.

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