Louisville, Ky (WDRB)  The snow came down fast Tuesday morning causing a number of accidents.

All over Kentuckiana, roads were not in great shape. It didn't take long for them to become dangerous.

Near I-71, there were slushy slick roads from Henry County all the way to Jefferson County.

Crews were out salting and plowing, but the snow kept building causing visibility to diminish.

Jim Mallory with TRIMARC says, "It was a bear." He and other employees were busy all morning, watching the traffic cameras. He says in 20 minutes it went from clear roads to a number of crashes.

Mallory says, "We had a couple of jackknifed tractor trailer trucks and a couple of multi-vehicle crashes. We had one on 65 at Fern Valley where a semi and a Volkswagen collided and the Volkswagen never wins."

There were so many problems that Louisville Police were not taking reports on accidents without injuries.

Harold Adams, a Louisville Metro Public Works Department Spokesman says crews were adding sodium chloride and treating the roads.

Public Works says it began salting the streets at 4 Tuesday morning. It had a 25% spike in 911 calls than what's normal for the morning rush.

In Floyds Knobs, Indiana, traffic was heavy, as people took it slow on the roads to watch out for slick spots.

By afternoon, the roads were much better with the sun out, snow melting, and the roads drying out.

Mallory says, "I suspect when it's dark, when it's cold, it's going to get slick out there again."

And TRIMARC is reminding people if you get in a wreck, the safest place to call police is in your car.

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