A couple of months ago, I said Mayor Fischer was right in refusing to "reschedule" Halloween trick or treating due to bad weather because I believed such a decision should be made by parents - not the government. 

Interestingly, last Friday, a somewhat similar situation occurred when a snowfall caught the Jefferson County School System by surprise.  Since buses had already gone out on their routes, officials decided not to cancel classes.

Many parents seriously criticized JCPS for being irresponsible, insisting that traveling to school in such conditions would place their children in serious danger. But I have a question for those parents:

If you really believed your child would be in danger, but you sent him or her to school anyway, just who is the irresponsible party here?

Look, if your child has a sore throat or an earache, you simply don't send them to school.  A note explaining their absence pretty much takes care of any problems.  So if you think the roads are too dangerous, why not skip the griping and just keep the kids home for the day?

It's impossible for JCPS to tailor its decisions to everyone's individual situation.  And this was clearly an instance in which parents would have done well to skip the complaining and instead use their common sense and make their own choices without having to be told what to do by someone else.
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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.