LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Dozens of dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill in rural Kentucky now have a temporary home in Louisville.

One after one, 43 dogs were hauled off trucks and into their new, temporary homes at the Kentucky Humane Society.

It was a rescue mission.

"The dogs were living in conditions where some were outside. They didn't have adequate shelter from the cold weather. They were all living in very dirty conditions-feces, urine, some were in cages where they could just stand up but they had to stand in their own urine and feces," said Kathryn Destreza, Director of Investigations with the ASPCA.

The dogs made the trip to Louisville from Nancy, Kentucky where they'd been living at Dream Catcher Kennels.

Dennis Bradley, 61, the owner and operator, is expected to enter a guilty plea to the charge of cruelty to animals in the second degree, an offense with which he was charged earlier this year after local authorities got numerous complaints.

As part of the plea deal, Bradley surrendered the dogs at his facility and will face six months in jail.

"He was breeding for profit more than he was caring about the animals," said Destreza.

The Kentucky Humane Society supported the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, better known as the ASPCA, with the removal of the animals as well as the sheltering operation.

They've set up temporary shelters for the dogs to live in while they nurse them back to health.

"We're free to place them when they're healthy enough and behaviorally sound enough to be placed," said Lori Redmon, Pres. & CEO of Kentucky Humane Society.

"We will medically evaluate them here in the next couple days so we'll know more and we'll also behavior test them," Destreza told WDRB.

It could be months before some of the dogs are ready to be adopted.

"Some of the breeding stock that may have been there for years, they're going to take a little longer to come around so we'll do whatever it takes and as long as it takes so some of them it will be a little bit longer," explained Redmon.

"Some of them were a little shy. Keep in mind a lot of these animals haven't interacted with more than Dennis and that was when he felt like going in there so we kind of shocked them when they saw all of us," said Destreza.

The dogs will eventually be put up for adoption.

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