LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB)—Our building in downtown Louisville is currently going through an 11,000 square foot expansion.
Sterling Riggs swapped gigs with a member of the construction crew to leave a lasting mark on the project.
A few weeks ago, an odd sight cruised by my window at work.  It was dry wall finisher Louis Ramirez. Off the clock, he's just over five feet tall. At work, he stands about nine feet tall.
I was amazed at his ability to apply dry wall mud like a master painter while prancing walking around like a ballroom dancer on stilts. "I've seen people fall, but I've never fallen," said Ramirez.
He's been finishing dry wall for 13 years and was happy to watch me give it a try.
It took me a few minutes to get my legs under me and gain a little confidence.
To complicate things even more, the lights went out just as I was about to apply dry wall mud.
Let's just say I was going for quality and not speed. 
"It's good enough for now. You will get better when you do it more," said Ramirez.
I tried to cover up a multiple strips of dry wall tape, but my skills didn't improve much.
Lewis was amused by my attempt at his job but wasn't sold on my ability.
I asked Lewis if he would put me on his crew after watching me in action.
"Well, you have to ask my boss first," said Ramirez.

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