LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky and Indiana have selected a Virginia company to provide transponders to aid in collecting tolls on Ohio River toll bridges.

The project's joint board, which includes the states' top transportation and finance officials, approved hiring Kapsch TrafficCom USA of McLean, Va., on Monday under a $1.4 million contract over a maximum of five years.

The contract price was "well under the engineer's estimate," Clint Murphy, the Indiana Department of Transportation's director of tolling operations, told board members.

Tolls will be charged on three spans starting in 2016 – a new river crossing between Prospect, Ky., and Utica, Ind.,  a new Interstate 65 North bridge downtown and a refurbished Kennedy Bridge, which will carry I-65 South.

Under the deal approved by the joint board, Kapsch will sell to the states a local transponder, which can be placed inside a vehicle's windshield, and an E-ZPass device that can also be used on the E-ZPass toll roads in northern Indiana and other states.

The price of those transponders for drivers hasn't yet been determined, said Will Wingfield, spokesman for the Indiana Department of Transportation.

Kentucky and Indiana plan to hire a toll system operator, and the joint board has extended that process until the end of the year. The Indiana Finance Authority, which is overseeing the procurement for the states, plans to seek proposals from six companies this spring.

Also on Monday, the joint board authorized Kentucky to move forward with hiring a marketing firm to "promote the use of the Project and increase transponder penetration in the Louisville-Southern Indiana metropolitan area.'

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