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GUEST POV Jack Meisburg | Response to "War on Poverty" (1/28/14)

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Normally, I think Mr. Lamb's editorials are "right on," but the recent one about education and unemployment was simply "right of center."

He compared the views of Democrats and Republicans with a broad brush, using the old adage about fishing:

"If you give a man a fish, he can eat today (he says that's the way of the Democrats); if you teach a man to fish he can eat for a lifetime (he says that's the way of the Republicans)."  

He apparently believes Republican ideas could help solve our unemployment problems and reduce the number of citizens receiving unemployment compensation.

Well, if providing educational support and job training opportunities is "teaching a man to fish," I think the Democrats are good fishermen. The GI Bill that educated over a million veterans after World War II was designed by the Democrats. It's considered one of the most successful government programs ever.  

And it was the co-called "War on Poverty," sponsored by the Democrats, that gave us the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1964.That act continues to this day (under different names) to provide states and local school districts with federal funds for the support of education and training.

Programs to help the unemployed are now under fire, but I think Democrats and Republicans should seek common ground in addressing the abuses of these programs. Everybody is against poor management. And most people want our government to provide assistance to those truly in need.

If the problems of our programs are addressed properly, we can improve federal and state efforts in education and training.

Then we can all go fishing.
I'm Jack Meisburg and that's my Point of View.

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