MINNEAPOLIS (WDRB) — So John Lewis of WDRB and I come north to talk to Richard Pitino about his first months on the job in the Big Ten Conference, and to catch his Gophers against the Indiana Hoosiers in Williams Arena on Saturday night.

Then a dude walks into The Barn dressed like a chicken and hijacks the whole thing.

The picture started making the rounds on Twitter when Rick Pitino and a contingent from Louisville showed up to watch the game.

Soon the question was asked, "Who's the guy in the chicken suit next to Pitino."

I'm in an upper deck media seat, but I texted Louisville equipment manager Vinny Tatum, who confirmed that it was Pitino's son, Ryan.

Rick Bozich texted to say that The Big Ten Network was reporting that Ryan lost a bet. Seth Davis got hold of Pitino via text and was told that, yes, he did lose a bet.

Kenny Klein, Louisville's sports information director in attendance, said Ryan told others in the party that he was just dressed like a farm animal because he was going to a game "in the barn."

Either way, you never know what's going to go viral. We'll see what kind of comments we can get after the game.

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