FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Is the effort to pass expanded gambling in Kentucky dead? Supporters say no, but the push has hit a very big snag.

The momentum to pass expanded gambling this session appears to have slowed. In fact, it may not even get out of the gate in the Senate.

"Right now my bill, Senate Bill 33, is stalled. I guess that's the best word for it," said Sen. Dan Seum (R-Louisville), who filed the casino bill.

But Sen. Seum, who is also the Majority Caucus Leader, says he will not bring it forward because there is simply not enough support right now.

Passage of any proposal to amend the constitution requires a super-majority of both chambers. In the Senate, that's 23 votes.

"I don't have 23 yet, but there's always a possibility if I can get somebody active that really wants to do this within the business community," said Sen. Seum.

Opponents of expanded gambling say they're encouraged, but not surprised.

"The longer people have to study it and reflect on it and pray about it, the less enthusiastic they seem to get," said Rev. Marian Taylor, executive director of the Kentucky Council of Churches. 

Sen. Seum admits efforts by religious groups such as the Kentucky Baptist Convention have had an impact, especially, he says, if supporters fail to fight back.

"They were here. My people weren't. You know, it's a lot easier to kill a bill if you don't have any opposition," said Sen. Seum.

While casino bills have also been filed in the House, leaders there want the Senate to take the lead.

Sen. Seum says until supporters unite behind a single approach, the effort will never hit the jackpot.

"I had people who wanted me to file the bill. I found out that I am kind of a one-man army. And a one-man army don't win many battles," said Sen. Seum. "So my question to the business community out there, where are you?"

Sen. Seum says he's willing to resume his push for casinos, but only if he believes supporters are pushing with him.

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