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An Apology For Words Poorly Chosen (2/13/14)

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I did an editorial on Tuesday about the Courier Journal's Bluegrass poll.  In it, I said "It stretches credibility to think that a newspaper with time tested bias is not going to rig its polls."  To suggest that the Courier "rigged" its poll was wrong and I would like to apologize.  That was a bad choice of words.

What I meant to say, much better than I did, was that when any organization with an agenda pays for a poll or pays for a study, we should always take that with a grain of salt.  We should question these things, not accept them without challenge.  If a drug company pays for a study on a new drug they develop and then declares it safe, I think I want another opinion.

I stand by my very obvious opinion that the Courier-Journal is a biased newspaper.  They seem proud of it, so they shouldn't find that insulting.  I still contend that they are as anti-Mitch McConnell as any organization in America.  And I don't dislike Alison Lundergan Grimes.  She seems like a fine, intelligent person. But the reason I support Senator McConnell is because if Kentucky loses the most powerful Republican in America, I think we lose a great deal of influence and clout in Washington.  That's my opinion.

Anyway, no one asked for this apology.  I'm offering it because it's due. 

Shame on me for using such imprecise language. 

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