KNIFLEY, Ky. (WDRB) -- A massive gas explosion leveled homes and rocked a Kentucky community early Thursday morning.

It happened in Knifley, Ky. --  that's in northern Adair County, about 100 miles from Louisville.

Behind a yellow sign, observers could see where a house once was. But now it's gone, destroyed by a natural gas explosion. Those who lived near the site describe what they say was like something out of a movie.

"The flame -- it was like it was not ending," said Joseph Davis, who lives a half mile from where the explosion took place. "It was just to the clouds, it looked like."

Home video showed massive flames near the place where a gas line ruptured around 2:00 Thursday morning.

"It sounded like a jet airline was landing right there at the house," said Davis. "That's exactly what it sounded like."

With windows rattling and ground shaking, he says he grabbed his two-year-old and got out as quickly as he could.

"The heat from the gas and the flames where it was burning, it was so hot it was like it was going to melt the truck," he said.

Emergency personnel say two people were injured trying to escape their burning home.

"Those residents were trying to leave the house and in that process, one was burned and the other went to the hospital for observation," said Greg Thomas, a representative of emergency management.

Personnel from the Columbia Pipeline Group say it was a 30-inch pipe that burst -- one of three lines that run through Adair County.

Almost 12 hours later, smoke still rose from the rubble, as rock and debris were removed from roadways. As the cleanup begins, the images remain.

"You could see through the windows," Davis said. "It was like the house was completely lit up."

For Davis and his neighbors in Knifley, it's a sight they won't ever forget.

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