MADISON, Ind.  (WDRB) -- A Kentuckiana police officer is locked up with some of the same people he took off the streets, and now dozens of cases are being dismissed.

Madison Police Officer Josh Abbott's career in law enforcement may have just taken a career-ending turn.

"I'm asking for termination," said Madison Police Chief Dan Thurston.

Chief Thurston wants to fire Abbott after the patrolman was arrested earlier this month on domestic violence charges against his girlfriend.

"Live-in girlfriend of, I believe, approximately 3 years," Chief Thurston explained.

Chief Thurston says it was an uncomfortable situation when investigators arrived and had to face a fellow police officer.  

"Absolutely, you know, he's one of our own and I am sure it was awkward for them."

Abbott's arrest has now jeopardized dozens of cases he helped bring to the Jefferson County Courthouse.

"As of right now it's 63 cases that are being dismissed," said Chief Thurston.

"So we're concerned about the integrity of our cases and that was an overriding decision," said Jefferson County Prosecutor Chad Lewis.

Lewis says the cases were dismissed because he would need Abbott's help to win -- and right now, that's not likely. 

"He is innocent until proven guilty but based on what allegations and what we know, we did not feel comfortable moving forward with those cases."

Right now, Abbott is on unpaid administrative leave and being held on a $50,000 cash bond.  His days of being a patrolman could also be numbered.

"I think he'll be very hard pressed to get his job back, and before, I guess before I say that, he hasn't actually been terminated yet," Chief Thurston said.

Indiana State Police are investigating the case. However, Madison Police Merit board will decide at a hearing next month if Abbott will get to keep his job.

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