LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Love was in the air this Valentine's Day, but so were snow and ice.

Snow and rain began falling in the afternoon hours and into dinner time, just in time for those in Louisville to head out with their sweethearts.

At Loop 22 on Dundee Road, the staff was busy getting the special dishes ready.

They say the restaurant has been prepping for this night for several days -- Valentine's Day means big business. 

"It's huge for the restaurant business. Every couple goes out and has a nice dinner," said Michael Taylor, the general manager of Loop 22.

Taylor says despite the inclement weather, people were still ready to celebrate.

"It's going well. We booked up about two weeks ago and we haven't had any cancellations. It's been a little rainy, but people have held true to their reservations," Taylor explained.

It didn't hurt that Valentine's Day fell on a Friday this year.

Adding another snow event to the calendar didn't give Taylor or patrons any reason to stay home.

"We had some issues with bad weather earlier this year, frozen pipes and things like that, but since we are a new restaurant and we are doing well, this is about an average night for us," Taylor said.

It was another story though across the river in Jeffersonville, Ind.

At Bristol Bar and Grill, the candles were lit and the table settings in place, all ready for a nice, romantic dinner.

They were just missing an important component.

"In the past hour we've had 10 to 12 cancellations and they just keep coming in. When the weather gets bad people don't want to go out and travel I guess," manager Jordan Graves speculated.

Graves says the phone began ringing around 5 p.m., coinciding with the snowfall.

"People are definitely hesitant, but I mean when you are traveling on these roads, as bad as they can get, they want to keep their loved ones safe, especially on a day like this," Graves said.

Betty Loughmiller says she's got more than a decade of history to back up her Valentine's plans and a little snow and rain would not get in the way.

"I love the snow and I thought some wimpy people will not come out, but no we had no reason to not come," Loughmiller said.

Graves says take note: no matter what the weather brings, the folks at Bristol are ready.

"We are prepared for just about anything, even snow."

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