LOUISVILLE, Ky. --- There is one quiet aspect of sports broadcasting that most anchors and reporters hate, but it never gets talked about publicly. We all hate having to shave on a daily basis. 

We hate it so much that most of us do not shave for the entire week when on vacation. 

But then something glorious happened Friday night: Rick Pitino and the Cardinals announced they would not shave and grow beards until they lose again. 

Within minutes of this news, I e-mailed the powers that be at WDRB asking if I could join the UofL beard movement. To my surprise, they said YES. 

Kentucky and Indiana fans, don't get upset. I would've asked to do this if your teams started up a no-shave notion too. Any team that gets me out of shaving for an extended period of time is good in my book.

SO JOIN ME THROUGHOUT LOUISVILLE'S #BEARDSTREAK. Like Rick Pitino, I've never grown a beard. This thing could look quite dapper or rather gruesome. Either way, you'll see it throughout UofL's winning streak on WDRB Sports. 


Now enjoy some pictures of the WDRB Sports team, Rick Pitino, and the Cards with Duck Dynasty beards: