TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) -- The premiere of a movie mostly shot on location in Terre Haute has drawn a huge crowd in that city.

Terre Haute's Indiana Theatre was packed Saturday night with close to 1,300 moviegoers, film extras, actors and supporters for the premiere of the movie, "The Drunk."

The movie follows a hard-drinking young man named Joe Debs who gets arrested for drunken driving, then decides to make himself the only opposition in the governor's race against a corrupt prosecuting attorney. The character is the fictional grandson of internationally famous labor leader and Terre Haute native Eugene V. Debs.

Two Terre Haute men, William Tanoos and Paul Fleschner, co-wrote, co-directed and star in the film. An April national release is planned. The film also stars Hollywood actors Jesse Ventura and Tom Sizemore.

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