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POV | Guns and Alcohol Don't Mix (2/18/14)

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With Kentucky facing serious problems like underfunded pensions, a woefully inadequate education system and crumbling infrastructure, you'd think our legislators would be too busy to indulge in frivolity.  But at least one of our lawmakers apparently disagrees.

In a move that would be funny if it weren't so cynical and dangerous, State Senator John Schickel has introduced a bill that would allow those who have concealed weapons permits to take their guns into bars -- as long as they promise not to drink.

Good grief. I have no problem with the Second Amendment, but come on - are we really trying to make a case that we need to be able to assemble our "well-ordered militia" at the corner tavern? 

Can we no longer be secure about the safety and sanctity of our homes and family without packing heat over a few cold ones?

And I love that part about "as long as they promise not to drink."  Exactly how many people do you think go into bars not to drink?

If this passes, what's next?  A push to legalize smoking in fireworks factories?

Schickel says this ridiculous law is necessary because people in bars should be allowed to defend themselves.  But if you're really that worried about the safety of your favorite watering hole, I think you'd be better off just finding a better place to hang out.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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