LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB)-- Breaking into garage doors just got a lot easier after a Youtube video was posted showing how to do it.

Metro Police are hoping to counter that video by teaching residents how to keep their homes safe.

"We often wonder, you know, how it is that these folks can get in and out of these houses so quickly and with nobody able to see them," said LMPD Det. Bo Hatfield.

Det. Hatfield is warning the public after discovering the Youtube video that shows a man using a wire hanger to break into a garage.

"It has come across our table and how to fix it has also come across and we figured it's best to share it with the public," Det. Hatfield said.

The video already has nearly a million and a half views -- that's why Metro Police want to make sure you know how to protect your home.

"What people are going to do is they are going to take just a basic zip tie and you're going to run it to these two little holes right here," said Home Depot manager Scott Krueger.

Krueger says a simple zip tie will do the job; however, he recommends using something a little more high-tech: MyQ Garage remote control.

"It is a local alarm that you hook up to the garage door and every time your garage door goes us and goes down it will send a message to your smart phone," Krueger explained.

So before thieves take just a few seconds to get into your garage, police say consider the garage alarm or spending a few dollars on a zip tie.

"Zip tie seems to be a very small price to pay considering the amount of dollars people spend on alarm systems and all the various things with insurance and what not," said Det. Hatfield.

A bag of zip ties can be purchased for just a couple of dollars, while the garage alarm system is $130.  

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