LOS ANGELES (WDRB) -- In a surprise twist Tuesday night on American Idol, the Top 15 girls were narrowed down to 10, before the big elimination even takes place later this week.

Louisville native Brandy Neelly was among the five who were cut. Neelly was expected to take the stage to perform live on American Idol, but in a surprise twist, five of the ladies were voted off. Neelly was one of them.

Brandy's mom, Cheryl Neelly, says Brandy has enjoyed making it to Hollywood the last four years, but she believes this will be her last time here. She says she's thankful for everyone back home who supported her.

"You know, Brandy is always such a trooper," Cheryl Neelly said. "She amazes me. I asked her if she's okay, and she said, 'I'm fine. I'm just trying to figure out my flight and my schedule.'"

Brandy's mom says she was hoping she'd be in the remaining 10, especially after a strong performance last week on American Idol.

Family members flew to Hollywood to support Brandy this week, and Brandy had high hopes for her fourth time in Hollywood.

"I think Brandy was extremely confident," Cheryl Neelly said. "She just felt so certain that her name would be called, and she said, 'There's a chance it won't, but I think I'm going to have my name called.'"

Cheryl Neelly says she is proud of what her daughter has accomplished, and that Brandy plans to pursue a career as a country recording artist. She says she's thankful for everyone who has supported the 19-year-old, and for the friends they've made through the show. She's now cheering for another Idol contestant who Brandy became good friends with.

"We met some great people, and my greatest hope is that Briana Oakley is your next American Idol, since it can't be Brandy Neelly," Cheryl Neelly said.

We're told Brandy plans to spend a couple of days with her family in Hollywood before catching a flight back home.

Fan Reaction

Brandy's family members weren't the only ones disappointed by the development. Before the show even began Tuesday night, fans were lined up around CBS Television City, where the show is taped.

As news of the surprise twist got out, some fans were surprised to learn that not all of the Top 30 contestants were performing.

"This is nerve wracking for them and me as well, as a fan," said "Idol" fan Anna White.

"Usually they stay a week and you get to choose, but that's really tough to go all this way and have to go the first night," said fan Joyce Muoio.

While most people waiting to get inside, live in the Los Angeles area, some say they have been cheering for Neelly.

"She's so cute! I love her...yeah! I love Brandy!" said one fan.

"I'm also a Brandy fan, and I just saw her mom," another fan exclaimed.

Now that the girls have performed, it's the male contestants' turn on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we will know who the Top 13 finalists are.

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