LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- In just a week's time, Louisville's tree canopy has gone from frozen to soggy.

In a severe weather event, that means uprooting could occur.

"The ground is saturated and that really loosened it up," said arborist Mike Blankenship.

Blankenship works with Metro Parks Forestry and says he doesn't think anything is headed our way that his crews can't handle.

"We're prepared. I have seven crews on standby that are professionals and ready to go out," he told WDRB.

His concern is that the recent ice event left broken branches in trees.

"If you haven't had a tree company come out and remove those, those are a hazard and need to be addressed," he said.

He said those will be the ones his crews will be busy removing.

"Our number one objective and focus is to clear the roadways so traffic can keep going," said Blankenship.

When that's finished, the priority becomes cleanup, which Blankenship says should be left for the professionals.

"Don't just jump out and grab a chainsaw and start cutting to move limbs out of the way," he said.

That's because those limbs may be tangled with downed power lines.

Jody Duncan with MetroSafe says trees aren't the only worry with this possible storm.

With snow melting and recent rain, flooding could also be a problem.

"Just make sure you turn around, you don't drown. You don't go through those overpasses that are filled with water because it could be detrimental," said Duncan.

She says Metro Safe works closely with other agencies to make sure they're prepared but everyone at home should also be ready.

That means stocking up on the necessities like a weather radio, a flashlight, water and some non perishable foods.

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