LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Police say there were some frightening moments for customers at a local grocery store Tuesday afternoon when a woman pulled a handgun and began pointing it various individuals.

According to an arrest report, it happened at the Dino's Food Mart near the corner of W. Broadway and 26th St., just before 2 p.m.

Police identify the woman as 31-year-old Carolyn Denise Marshall. Officers say surveillance video shows a chaotic scene.

"Customers can be seen running to the rear of the store," the arrest report states. "Another customer can be seen pleading with [Marshall] and yet another can be seen ducking into a corner. All of [the] customers' actions show that they were in fear of their well being and that [Marshall's] actions placed them at risk of serious physical injury or death."

WDRB spoke with the store manager, who was willing to go on camera, but did not want to be identified by name. She recalled the terrifying events.

"She came in and pointed the gun at myself and my co-worker -- and there was customers in the store," the store manager said. "When she pulled the gun out, she was waving it, finger on the trigger."

The store manager told WDRB Marshall claimed someone owed her $1,000, but that person wasn't in the store.

"I didn't know what to think -- what to do," the store manager said. "I've been through a lot of things. I've seen a lot of things that goes on, and that was the first time that I've really actually experienced a gun being pointed directly at myself or directly at a person that I work with. A very terrifying moment for myself and for us here at the store."

On the surveillance video, a man -- presumably a customer -- can be seen wrapping his arm around another customer and escorting her to the back of the store.

"Everybody was, like, in a panic -- at a standstill," the store manager said. "Nobody didn't know what to do. I mean, what would you do? You have a gun being waved around in the air. The customers was very nervous -- very scared. I do apologize for that happening, but again, nothing ever has happened like that here, like that before. Not in the daytime."

The store manager said she was thankful to divine providence for keeping her safe.

"I do believe in God," she said. "I do know that God is with me. It's a job, you know?"

The store manager said that after Marshall walked out the door, she immediately locked the door and contacted 911, and police showed up a short time later.

"The Louisville Police Department? They acted very quickly. Very quickly," she said.

Marshall was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with three counts of first degree wanton endangerment, police say. The store manager says she hopes it's the last time she's ever on the other end of a gun.

"For something like that just to happen out of the clear blue?" she said. "I just hope and pray that that altercation or anything of that sort -- of that matter -- never happens again."

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