MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- Chad Watson just wanted to say thanks. Not only for the donations that have poured in but also for the support.

In his first public address since the fire, his message was about faith. "I want them to remember how my family lived, not how they died," he said. 

On the same stage that hosted nine coffins only a few weeks ago, Chad Watson shared memories of his family, and gave a glimpse into his pain and struggle.

Watson said "to see each of them happy, vibrant, willing to pursue The Lord, To me I was more blessed than anyone. That night, it was all taken away from me. Ripped out of my hands."

Watson requested that only the audio be recorded from his first public address, which focused largely on his faith. "No matter what we think he could have done, no matter what we think of his plan," Watson said, "he is the only one who knows the truth."

His message is inspiring even complete strangers like Angie Jackson. "He knows that his trial is to strengthen and help and bring people to Christ," she said in an interview, "that's what our job is."

Even after losing eight of his nine children and his wife in an accidental house fire, Watson's message was very positive.

"That positivity comes in huge waves of grief. It comes between a lot of crying, a lot of laughter, sorrow and sadness." Brown said "right now his emotions are up and down."

Watson says he hopes this tragedy brings more people to god. It seems to be working as pastors across the area say services are more full now than they've ever been.

Family said that Kylie misses her mom, brother and sisters, but she is coping and even laughing. 

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