LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville based business is creating life-like statues for some of the most well known companies around the world.

Sterling Riggs swapped gigs with a sculptor to make a samurai warrior for National Geographic.

In Weber World, a vivid imagination is a must and ideas and characters come to life.   "We have figures that are built for Nickelodeon in China, a new water park that's opening soon in Ontario, Canada," according to Brand Manager Penny Peavler. "We also have some big projects about to open in San Diego California, Texas, and Louisiana."

It all starts in a metro Louisville facility with a 3 dimensional computer model. The image is then sent to a machine where it's cut into Styrofoam. We had the opportunity to see the start of a 14-foot pterodactyl.  "We can route the machine down to one-two thousandth of an inch," said Peavler.

From there it's off to several different work stations where various tradesmen and artists put their personal touch on the statues.

Sculptor Brad White let me try my hand at creating the nose of a replica terracotta samurai warrior.  He's been sculpting for 20 years.  "I enjoy taking something that didn't exist and making that thing manifest for other people to enjoy," said White.

Being that I've never tired anything like this, I had no clue whether I was helping our destroying the piece.

It's not a masterpiece but White says I did well for my first try.  The samurai warrior will eventually end up in the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. A quick glance around the shop reveals that there's not much these men and women can't build.

So the next time you're amazed at a statue at an amusement park, water park, zoo, museum or even a clothing store there's a pretty good chance that it was made in Weber World.

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