LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An organization that has served millions of meals to less fortunate families is now in need of help.

The Lord's Kitchen needs your help to continue its mission of "changing lives one meal at a time."

The organization has been serving less fortunate families for 25 years and recently expanded its services, but now they need more volunteers and donations to help cover the growing demand.

"It's people who are homeless, it's folks that are elderly, single parent homes," said Rex Chesser, executive director of The Lord's Kitchen.

And this is going to be another big week for The Lord's Kitchen, trying to expand it services.

"And we want the people to have the best, we try to provide them the best food possible. You know, there's bottles of water, dressings," Chesser said.

In January, that help expanded to a food pantry.

"Our last pantry day we gave out over 110 boxes of food to families," said Chesser.

The boxes went to people like Michael Hollins.

"Just a whole lot of stuff that just really helped through the month," said Hollins.

Hollins is on disability and a fixed income. So not only is Lord's Kitchen a Godsend but it's also right up his alley.  

"I live two blocks away and when you trying to make ends meet -- it's kind of hard, you know, gas prices are high and you trying to pay your bills," Hollins said.

"When we hand these out [Tuesday], though, we'll be putting in probably about 15 or 20 pounds of meet as well," said Chesser.

Chesser says Hollins is not the only one struggling to make ends meet, and he believes there will be a long crowd on Tuesday morning when the doors open to hand out these boxes.

"We'll be preparing about 130 to 150 boxes, it could provide meals in the 10,000 range."

Chesser says Dare to Care helps with the food, but because the demand is so great more is needed. 

"Because we try our best not to turn people away, but when we end tomorrow we'll have long waiting list of people so the need is always continual there for us."

Anyone who would like to donate or volunteer can contact The Lord's Kitchen directly at 502-413-0198.

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