ROCKPORT, Ind. (WDRB) -- Floyd County has been ordered to cut a check for the remaining unpaid legal bills in David Camm's third murder trial.

The special judge had some harsh words during Wednesday's hearing for the Floyd County auditor.

"The rest of the unpaid bill is going to get paid today, not tomorrow and not the next day."

David Camm's defense team walked into the Spencer County Courthouse for the first time since his acquittal with some pretty steep expectations.

"We gave Dave a good defense and that's what he deserved and the Floyd county auditor was just refusing to pay," said Camm's attorney Stacy Uliana.

But inside the courtroom, it was another big win for the Camm team, although his lawyers won't say how much the county was ordered to pay.

"I don't want to give out the actual amount, but it was reasonable and it was necessary for this trial," Uliana said.

Not only did the judge order Floyd County to pay the remaining unpaid legal fees, but he also said he was disappointed the case had not been resolved and had some strong words for the county auditor.

"The judge let him know that they were wrong and the judge even said out=return the call."

There's still one unresolved issue on the table: Camm's defense team used what's known as touch DNA in the third trial and that expert witness has not been paid.

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