FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- It seems everyone has a theory about what happened to $26,000 worth of Pappy Van Winkle stolen from Buffalo Trace Distillery in October 2013.

Four months later, there are still no answers in the case.

"Right now there are still leads coming in to the office. Pretty much on a daily basis people are calling, stating that they've seen it on Craigslist from all over the country," said Detective Sgt.  Shane Weber with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

The theft of the rare bourbon made national news.

The missing cases contained 195 bottles of 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle, and nine bottles of 13-year-old rye reserve,

Authorities with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office interviewed more than 100 employees at the distillery.

"There's still some people of interest that we're pursuing further," says Det. Sgt. Weber.

Bardstown High School principal Chris Pickett was taken off the person of interest list. He showed up in surveillance video at a liquor store days after the theft. Store clerks said he tried to sell them the bourbon. Pickett said he was simply looking to buy.

Then, in December, a $10,000 reward was offered. Authorities hoped it would help.

Det. Sgt. Weber says they've been looking into all tips, but it's been difficult with detectives stretched thin working on other cases.

"I don't have anybody working on this case full-time due to the fact that we're working on child abuse cases and other narcotic cases here locally that take priority over that," said Det. Sgt. Weber.

He says they haven't placed the bourbon case on the back burner.

Authorities continue to remain hopeful that the case will be solved.

"I think eventually someone is gonna come forward with the information we need to solve this case. It's just a matter of time. Sometimes cases take longer," said Det. Sgt. Weber.

Authorities say they are still looking into all tips, and encourage anyone to give them a call with information in this case.

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