BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- The rumors are flying in Bardstown, and local law enforcement officials want to put an end to it.

After it became public knowledge that Bardstown Patrol Officer Tony Satterly was the subject of an internal investigation, some people wanted to link the investigation to the murder of Officer Jason Ellis.

But Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin says it is absolutely untrue and completely ridiculous.

"We have an officer under investigation, nothing to hide there," said McCubbin. "But to put unfair things on this officer, I want that stopped."

McCubbin said Satterly has served Bardstown as a patrol officer for nearly 20 years. He was a colleague and friend to Ellis.

Although Satterly is the subject of a dual investigation by Bardstown Police and Kentucky State Police, both departments confirmed to WDRB that the investigation is not in connection with the murder of Ellis.

Police would not say why Satterly is being investigated.

McCubbin said he started getting inundated with phone calls from people. The callers were making bogus claims -- even saying that McCubbin had been killed, or arrested by the FBI.

"All of a sudden it hit, as if within one hour it was out there that the FBI was swarming Bardstown and some where going to jail," said McCubbin. "It just got stupid. I don't know how else to put it."

McCubbin took to the Bardstown Police Department Facebook page. He posted a lengthy note trying to discredit the rumors. Below is a section from that post:

"Though many bored people in our community have formulated uneducated guesses, assumptions, and fictional stories, nothing you are hearing, and sadly continuing to spread, is true."

Officials with Kentucky State Police are helping with the investigation into Officer Satterly. Trooper Jeff Gregory is familiar with the case and quickly dispelled any rumors.

"We can confidently say that there is no relation between these two cases," said Trooper Gregory.

Gregory said distractions like this take away from their efforts to solve Ellis' murder.

"When they have to stop and look at another email that comes in, or another phone call regarding something else completely different but people are trying to link it, it slows us down a bit," said Gregory.

McCubbin said KSP is only called in to assist in these type of investigations upon request or in special cases.

Chief McCubbin said the investigation into Officer Satterly should be wrapped up by late next week.

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